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Papptain's Log: Porn

Me and Dubb were talkin the other day and we got into a could convo about porn. We both love it and understand that good porn is necessary to a relationship. Pornos are liking a sporting event two pros going head to head in a battle royal, atleast that wut we think it shud be. But sumtimes its not even a watchable event. These are pros so every porno shud be good, not the case in real life. Me and Dubb have come to the realization that both ppl are key to a porno being good, but we feel the guy is more important for the simple fact I cud be watching a pinky or him a amy reid scene but its her fuckin a dude i know cant fuck her right and i dnt even wanna watch because aint shit i can learn from him short stroking her and bustin hella quick. A key example is mandingo, he used to fuck bitches now he got the most sensitve dick in the industry, I'm watching a porn not u making love thats why u gotta j slay that shit, or as dubb wud say rico strong arm that shit. So I leave it up to you the public to decide who is more important to a porno the guy or the chick?

PS. its brian pumpher bitch, ready to fuck a bitch