Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pure Comedy

Now everybody know I'm like the biggest Gucci Mane fan but this shit pure comedy, and it really sound like a real track they would do.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Papptain's Log: My Super Bowl

Woke up with the hopes finally getting to see the Who Dat? nation get there answer, but first I had to see my mom dash off to her week long cruise on the coast of Mexico, yea they are doing it big. I realized that not only is she on cruise for a whole week, which is like being on a floating resort/spa but she did it on the day of the super bowl, G shit. So here I am a whole house to myself so of course I hit the Risky Business, 20 Gucci Mane songs later I got ready to head to Dennis house with Shannon for a what I knew would be the game that makes Peyton Manning a legend. Shannon was determined to get some wings so we headed to wingstop where we so what had to be double G's stuffed into a tiny black low cut everywhere dress, it was a sight to see and me and Shannon both knew that the wings were not going to get ordered due to a hour and half wait time for those who had already ordered their food but we stayed and stared in amazement at what had to be a low budget video chick. She left and we left. Dennis house seemed to be very promising with a keg on deck a 8th and variety of shit to takes shots with. The game finally started and so did all the fun shit talking, smoking, drinking, shots, confusing ass commercials. Everything was good until the machine threw a fucking interception and with it the game. Two amazing bong rips later I was smashed and it was time to go lick my wounds after trashing the Saints all season long, but hey I got to see Emmit Smith do the coin toss, and I just so happened to have on his jersey old school champion's one too. Starving we hit taco bell where I had thee ultimate order a $5 box, taco salad, apple pie, and a strawberry lemonade fruitista....yum. I needed entertainment as I stuffed my face so I decided to watch Avatar in no D, the movie is beautiful and extremely well played but after all that food and reefer my eyes shut and I woke up thinking "great day............Fuck the Saints"