Monday, April 12, 2010

Papptain's Log: NFL Combine


  1. ...very true... I've thought about that before. Had to turn it off though, can't listen to that much talk about the Bachelor! haha, hate that shit.

  2. ROTF. the new age crack head. By far the best analysis ever.LMFAO at 'impress me nigga'. && JUNO I agree with that yogurt segment (#healthnut). Its is NOT healthy any more if in fact you are dousing the fro-yo with sugar and fat people!

    i think yogurt is like the broccoli and potato of confection. you know how its so easy to make broccoli and potatoes so unhealthy, bacon..cheese.. shit.. fat..lmfao.

    && condy DID fall off!!

    def worth my 30:06 -- masterful...


  3. LOL this shit goes hella hard tho. the nfl combine and scottie pippen parts had me rollin

  4. Papp steady be bringin' the funnies... the shit is funny cuz the shit is real.

  5. The first 10 minutes of this shit is HELLA funny. Good shit